1. {Listening to…}

    Delilah R.I.P (BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge 15/05/2012) (by Ezzer08)

  2. *Adorned*
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  3. {The ‘organic’ process…}

    of thinking of a name has yielded no fruit.  Stressing me out slightly but not letting it hold me back.  Boooo the rain! Another day not being able to clear Le Garage.  I have a feeling that I’ll have to brave it in the rain at some point.

  4. {One for the boys…}

  5. *Neon claws*
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    *Neon claws*

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  6. {Currently…}


    the school run


    ALL of the clothes in Zara


    an Apple Mac


    how to accept help

    Working On…  

    my business plan/alterations/jewelry


    Caitlin Moran’s How to be a Woman




    when the summer is coming


    about how I am going to cram my agenda into this week!

    Listening to…    

    Watch the Throne in preparation for the concert!

  7. *Samurai. Embellishment*
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    *Samurai. Embellishment*

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    “Trace Heavens” is a series of gorgeous light installations by James Nizam. To create these images James painstakingly made incisions into the structure of a house to capture and manipulate sunlight into light sculptures.

    *Lighting and Pattern*

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